Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tea Party, Farmer's Day & A Funny

As usual, there is a lot going on in the Alexander house! This past weekend Jill had her first tea party at a Tea room in Columbiana. Her friend Brylee turned five and so Brylee and five of her friends got together for tea. Jill was so excited that her American Girl doll got to go to the tea party as well...

Today at Mom's Day Out, it was Farmer's day. They do this as a way to allow the children to dress up without celebrating Halloween per se, since it is at church. The children love it! I had something I needed to do today so Luke also got to attend MDO today. Of course he was thrilled, especially when he found out he got to dress up like a farmer.

Now here is the funny. While I was getting ready this morning, Luke decided to ride his bike around the house. This is one of his favorite things to do! This morning however, the "traffic" must have been really bad because he felt like he needed a little more safety gear than usual. Enjoy!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roll Tide!!!

My sweet thoughtful husband surprised me by getting a babysitter and taking me to me to watch my Crimson Tide play football yesterday and what a game it was!!!! I can't tell you how nervous I was watching the last play of the game - I thought I was going to puke!!! But Alabama managed to pull it out and I am so thankful they did! I haven't cheered that much in years. We had great seats right in the action - just 8 rows off the field on the 30 yard line. We were behind the Tennessee players so at the end of the game Jamie took this picture of them leaving the field with another loss. (Before the blocked kick, their players were standing on their benches turned around to the stands and were taunting us.)

Bye, Bye Rocky-block!!!

As I said we were close to the action so we were able to get a picture with Big Al just for Luke! Roll Tide Roll!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recaps and Ramblings

It has been forever since I have updated and I do apologize to all my faithful blogging friends. There is never a dull moment in the Alexander house! Eli keeps us busy with soccer and school, Jill keeps us busy with school and gymnastics, and Luke just keeps us busy!!!! Jill and I went to the pumpkin patch on a field trip and had a great time!

When we were on the field trip Luke got to stay at Jill's school and he was so excited. He asks everyday to stay at school and even takes his lunch box some days because he wants to stay so badly. Needless to say when I told him that he would get to stay that day, he was ecstatic!!! He even wore a Little Lambs Mom's Day Out school shirt. I don't know what I am going to do next year when he really starts pre-school. Not to mention Jill will go to kindergarten and Eli to middle school. Gonna be tough for this Mom!!!! The kids are all ready for Halloween. Jill is going to be Hannah Montana, Eli - a hippie, and Luke, none other than BIG AL!!! I tried to convince them to be an Alabama cheerleader, football player and Big Al with Jamie and I playing the role of faithful Alabama fans. The idea sounded great but they, being the independent thinkers they are, decided to go their own way, except for Luke. Gotta influence them while you can.

To get ready for Halloween, we had a playdate at the park yesterday and painted pumpkins. Here are a few pics from that outing. "Can you find me Mommy?"

Jill with her friends Carsyn and Karis.

Luke loved painting!

Cailyn, Carsyn, and Jill painting their pumpkins.

Eli is having a good year in soccer but as of late has become obsessed with football. I am trying to convince him that he would make a great kicker, afterall he is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has played soccer for three years. However, he is not interested in kicking at all - he wants to be wide reciever. I'm not giving up though!!! Here he is doing a "throw in." Maybe he should play quarterback :-)!