Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Summer is in full swing and I absolutely LOVE this time of year! June is crazy busy for us but by getting everything done in June we will have lots of time to spend with our cousins in July! School got out on May 26 and the next day we loaded up and headed to the beach for a week! Jamie and I love the beach however our kiddos were done with the sand after about 3 days. We will have to work on them as the beach is Jamie and my favorite vacation destination. I would have loved to get a few pictures of my children on the beach but after years of enduring this form of obvious torcher they balked this year so this is all I got...

After the beach, the next thing on our schedule was Infinity Sports camp at our church. Eli has done camp since 3rd grade and this was his last year to be able to be a participant. Next year he hopefully get to work because he will be a YOUTH! Jill will get to participate next year and she has already decided that baton will be one of her sport tracks.

We had 134 participants and 5 of these kiddos prayed to receive Christ. I had the honor and priveledge of praying with one of those!!!

Because Jill wasn't old enough to participate in sports camp, Aunt Donna saved her so to speak. On Wednesday, we met in Trussville and she took Jill to spend a little time with Anna Beth and Katie. While there, Jill was able to go to their VBS and she loved it. She was also able to help her cousins with a lemonade stand. I am so glad that we live close enough that they are able to spend time together. They are the best of friends!

While Jill was away, Dalton and Dylan came and spent a few days with us so that Michael and Ashley could have some time away to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. I wish that I had pictures to share from their visit but for some reason the camera never came out. I guess becuase we were too busy sword fighting, "falling" in the lake, and swimming in the pool to worry with pictures. We loved having those boys here and I am so glad that they are all such good friends!

This week Jill has been attending VBS at her friend Avery's church and she is having such a great time. She is in a class with three of her friends and Avery's mom, Lori, is their tribe leader. The theme is Pandamania and it is so COOL.

Now all that is left for June is horseback riding camp for Jill and our church's VBS. I love all the fun things we are getting to do but I must admit I am looking forward to a little more down time in July!