Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eli's Induction into the Beta Club

I have to take a moment to brag on my sweet and smart Eli. He was recently inducted into the National Junior Beta Club at school! He is such a good student along with all his other activities! Eli, we are so very proud of you. Keep up the hard work!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Big Day - Part Two!

After Jill's run we made our way to Cameron Oaks Farm, the farm where Jill takes riding lessons. As you probably know, we have been in the market for a pony for several months now. Jill has "lost" a couple of ponies to other buyers and had one that she loved but that had a vice that she couldn't tolerate, so this experience has been heartbreaking at times. Well, when we got to the farm, our trainer, Deana Hunter met us at the car to say that someone had bought Sporty, the most recent pony we had been trying out. She said that the little girl was coming to get her and asked Jill if she would like to go see him before he left. Jill, stone-faced agreed, and I am sure was thinking, "Here we go again." We got into the barn and Sporty was in his stall with a big red bow on his saddle - or maybe I should say, Jill's saddle. She realized immediately that it was her saddle and was confused. It took a minute for her to figure out that she was the little girl who would be getting Sporty - That he was finally hers!!! Once she figured this out, she was ELATED! Enjoy her story in pictures...

Heading into the pony barn to say goodbye to Sporty - or so she thinks...

"Hey, that's my saddle."

I LOVE this pony!

And now, He is ALL mine!!!

35 degrees with a 20 mph wind - it was frreeeezzzing, but she was the happiest girl on the planet!!! Welcome to the family, Sporty! You will be well LOVED!

A Big Day!

Yesterday was a BIG day in the Alexander family. We started our day in downtown Birmingham where Jill ran the last mile of her Mercedes Kids Marathon. Over the past three months she ran 25 miles while training at home and at school. Yesterday she completed her marathon by running the last mile! Since she is only in the 1st grade I got to run with her. Let me tell you that she ran EVERY step without so much as breathing hard! To this asthmatic mother, I was elated by that fact!!! She ran her mile in about 10 minutes which is actually the pace I run. She promised me that when she is 16 she will run the Mercedes half-marathon with me. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will pick up my love for running! What better running partner could a Mom have?
Getting ready to go! It was soooo cold, 35 degrees with 18 mph winds at 10:40 a.m.!!!

The family ready to cheer Miss Jill on!!!

And she is off and running!

Still going....

Eli and Luke are so proud of their sister!!!