Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas, Christmas & More Christmas!

Yes, I know it is now the New Year but I have a little catching up to do, so here goes! Hope you are ready for lots of pictures because that really is the best way to show you what all we have been up to...

At church, the kiddos received dreidles and loved learning how to play a game that we believe Jesus may have played as a young child. Here they are enjoying an early morning game - or at least I like to say it was an early morning game as the kids still have on pj's :)!


Baking also kept us very busy! We baked 18 mini loaves of poppyseed bread for all the workers at church who volunteer their time to teach our children about Jesus - we owe them so much more but we at least wanted them to know that we appreciate them! We also baked cookies, cookies and more cookies, along with 6 full sized loaves of poppyseed bread. My mixer really got a workout!

In addition to the goodies we baked to eat, we baked cinnamon dough ornaments. We made enough to decorate small trees for Grammy, Nanny and one for myself!

I loved how the ornaments turned out, other than a little excess flour on a few and hope to make this an annual Alexander tradition.

I have much more to post but this little post has taken 30 minutes so I need to break for now. I will be back tomorrow to finish out the Christmas post and hopefully move on to the new year!