Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jill's 6th Birthday

I can hardly believe that our little princess is six years old - my how the time flies! As you all already know, she is our little horse-lover and so it was only fitting to have her party at her favorite place in the entire world - the farm. Jill takes riding lessons at Cameron Oaks Farm and we have the BEST trainer ever and she helped to make Jill's birthday a day she will never forget. Jill got to ride to her hearts content and so did her family and friends. Enjoy her day in pictures...

Jill showing off a couple of her presents...

Jill on Miss Lylah - the first horse she rode at the farm. Lylah was really tired after having already done 4 lessons this day. She even bucked twice but Jill never missed a beat and of course did not fall off. She let Lylah know who was in charge!
The cake - our poor horse was sinking in the buttercream grass :)
Mrs. Deana and Cameron Oaks gave Jill blue ribbon pierced earrings... now to convince Jill to get her ears pierced!

Meet Blugle - the most beautiful show horse! Jill loves to ride Blugle and they make a great team!
The hayride!
Silly brother Luke with Jonathan enjoying playing with the party decorations - Jill's Breyer horses.
Cameron Oaks has everything - even a playground!
Eli finally gets his turn on a horse. This is Emily!
Our sweet little friend Camryn Mae riding America.
Luke on America. He loves horses about as much as his sister!
Anna Beth on Emily.
Best of friends - Jackson and Jill (or as we like to call them, Jack and Jill)
Party favor time!
Kelsey and Jill enjoying the petting zoo at the farm.
Jill's sweet friend since she was 2, Avery!
Our very own Princess... Carsyn. I am certain she will marry a prince one day!

Thank you to all our family and friends who helped make Jill's birthday so very special! And to my sweet Jill, Mom and Dad love you to the moon and back a million times! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

God is Good!

All my friends and family know that I think this is the most amazing, most handsome man on the planet! Today I am so thankful that God chose to let him stay with me a while longer! The results of last Saturday's bike crash could have been so different. When the human body hits asphalt going 47 mph the results are never good but we know we were so blessed with the lack of permenantly disabling injuries and as Jill so frankly put it, "He could be dead." But praise the Lord, he is not - he walked away from his crash with just some nasty road rash, bumps and bruises and muscle trauma. All things he will recover from!!! We are still watching the shoulder closely and may have to have further tests on it but even if we have to go through rotator cuff surgery, we will take that and feel so blessed to still have our Jamie with no brain or spinal cord injury and NOT DEAD!!! Thank you Lord for giving me more time with him - I will never take him for granted!