Wednesday, November 25, 2009


What a wonderful time of year this is! The Alexander family has so much to be thankful for! We serve a Mighty God who has so richly blessed us and we are humbled and grateful! Jamie and I are so thankful for our three beautiful children that God has entrusted to us. They bring such laughter and fun to our home and we could not imagine our life without one of them: Eli, our firstborn with a heart of gold, Jill our middle child and only daughter, full of passion and drive, and Luke our baby who is the laughter in our day!

Jamie is blessed with a wonderful job that most days he really loves and because of that wonderful job I am able to stay at home and be Mom to our three little blessings! Wow - we are blessed!!! Thank you Lord for your bounty, we do not take it for granted!

During this time of Thanksgiving we have had several opportunities to celebrate with our church family. Jill's preschool choir sang for our church-wide Thanksgiving celebration. I just love to hear those little voices lifted up in praise and Thanksgiving to God! Aren't they just the cutest...

Last Thursday, Jill's Mom's Day Out had their annual Thanksgiving program which is also at our church. This was Jill's last pre-school thanksgiving program and it made me a little sad. I remember her first program when she was just two - she sat on the stage and chewed on her shoe through the entire program. I am so thankful she has outgrown that stage fright!!!!

What cute little Indians - every other school day they are the "Froggie and Friends" class.

Jill showing off the coolest little craft they made.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Make sure to take the time to thank the One from whom all blessings flow!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pampered Chef!

It is official - I am an independent Pampered Chef consultant! So if any of my loyal blog followers would like to host a cooking or catalog show, please give me a call and I can arrange that for you! When my new consultant kit arrived I was like a kid on Christmas morning! What fun!! Here is a picture of all the wonderful things I got in my new kit. I cannot wait to put them all to good use. (Some of them I already starting using!)

Just let me know when you would like to host a show and earn some free pampered chef products for yourself!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Finally - a Black Belt!!!

Tae Kwon Do for 4 years - $6,000
Tournaments and travel expenses - $1,500
Uniforms and gear - $1,000
Becoming a Black Belt at the age of 10 - PRICELESS!!!!!!

Eli, We are so proud of you! Dad, Jill, Luke and I are your biggest fans and we cannot wait to cheer you on as you continue to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself! Always believe in yourself and know that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13

Eli's Black Belt class - wouldn't want to make this group mad!!!! They are a tough bunch!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

What a fun and action packed weekend we had! There was a fall festival for the little ones where Jill was an Alabama cheerleader and Luke a Bama fan...

We had lots of fun playing games with our friends.

After our fall festival we changed and went to gymnastics. We then came home for Luke to sneak in a quick nap and waited for Eli to get home from school. As soon as he got home we all put on our costumes and headed to meet Dad for dinner and then Boo at the Zoo. By this time Jill was pooped and this is how she rode to dinner.
Eli was just chillin'!
We finally arrived at the zoo with our little fairy, hippie, and a little Alabama fan (he wouldn't wear anything else.)
All season Jill has had an obsession with tombstones for some strange reason. She even tried to convince me to buy some for our yard. Don't worry, I didn't give in!

When the rain started we headed to the carousel for a little shelter. For Boo at the Zoo, they made the carousel run backwards.

Finally Saturday came - Happy Halloween!!! We had a neighborhood parade that morning in the rain, but the kids didn't seem to mind. Before we knew it it was time to trick or treat. Once again we changed clothes and got into character. Jill as Hannah Montana...
Eli as a hippie and Luke as none other than Big Al! We were so glad Aunt Leesa got to join in on the fun! I was so glad she was willing to lend a helping hand. Unfortunately Jamie missed out on all the festivities Halloween Day because he was home in the bed with the stomach bug - yuck!!! He was greatly missed!