Saturday, May 7, 2011

beast... i am soccer

This soccer season is coming to an end and I would be sad but summer soccer is just around the corner - Yay!!! And there is NO sarcasm there - I admit it, I really do LOVE soccer! Or maybe it's just that I love watching my boys play soccer - either way, I love it! We had a good season this season and Eli, who has always played defender actually changed positions a played a little offense this year. He scored 5 goals for the season and I am one proud Mom! Eli is a BEAST on the soccer field and never lets up! He is so excited about having the opportunity this year to try out for the high school team. He will actually do camp with them this summer and he cannot wait! Here is a snap that one of Eli's teammate's dads made during our last tournament. (I believe he is making a goal kick and I am so glad that I was not in front of that leg.)

Briarwood Ambassadors U11 soccer team enjoying a little break in Pensacola, FL. We came in 2nd place in the tournament we played there and those were some hard fought for medals! Great job boys - you made us proud!