Friday, March 26, 2010

Alabama Gymnastics

Jamie surprised Jill and me by getting us tickets to Alabama's last home gymnastics meet. He got us four tickets so we were able to take some friends with us. Mrs. Kimberly and Carsyn, who by the way are HUGE Auburn & UAB fans, were nice enough to go with us. Jill and Carsyn take gymnastics together so this was a fun experience for our two future gymnasts! Mrs. Kimberly was such a good sport and was able to look past the fact that she was at an Alabama event and even cheered for the home team. We had a great time and Jill and I were so thankful we had company on that late drive back home. It's not everday that Jill gets to stay up until 11pm but for Bama gymnastics we will make an exception!

Jill & Mom enjoying the meet!

Carsyn & Jill posing with Big Al...This was a HUGE step for Mrs. Kimberly - we were so proud! Now I guess Jill has to pose with Aubie :-( Good luck getting HER to agree!

The girls with former Bama gymnast Ashley Miles

Ashley Priuss
Now with the crowd favorite Morgan Dennis!

Thanks Dad for the tickets! We had a great time and hope to attend many more of these events. One day maybe we will be there to cheer on these two little girls!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Flu & Jamie's Birthday

Well, we thought we had escaped the flu this year but unfortunately all of us did not. Last week Luke was one sick little man! His temp went up to 103.7 under his arm so if you add the .5 to 1.0 degrees that you are supposed to add his temp was actually over 104!!! We went to the pediatrician and they tested him for the flu and it came back positive. Even with the Tamiflu he ran a fever for 6 days and was pitiful!

On top of the fact that he had the flu he was coughing his head off and wheezing so we also had to endure breathing treatments three times a day. Big sister was a big help and would keep him company while he did his treatments.
During this time came Jamie's birthday. I had made reservations to take him to dinner on his birthday as a special treat because all day on his birthday he coached the first practice of Eli's soccer season. Well, needless to say, we could not leave Luke with a sitter so our plans had to be put on hold! (We did make it to dinner - just a week late!) Instead we bought a cute little cake and celebrated at home.

The frog eyes on Dad's cake were a big hit!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Silly Kiddos...

With three children there is never a dull moment in the Alexander house! Ask any of my family and friends who call throughout any given day and they will testify! Luke is growing so fast that I think if I watched him sleep I could see him growing and this first picture proves that whether we saw him growing or not, we would definitely see him moving while he sleeps!
Luke has been potty trained since November, yes - we are a diaper free house, however he has been wearing underwear with characters on them or firetrucks or footballs. Anyway, he and I went to buy him some new underwear and he asked for some "big boy" underwear, which to him meant no pictures, like Eli and Daddy so...
Here are Luke's Calvin Klein's. Who knew they made size 4 Calvins - ADORABLE & COOL at the same time!
We have been very excited about the Olympics here as well. Our favorite event is short track speed skating. We are all HUGE Apolo fans! To show their support Eli and Luke have added a new fashion to their wardrobe...

The Apolo bandanna!

In other news, my kiddos love music, not only listening to music but creating it. With three it is easy to form your own band and here they are making their debut,
The Alexander Crew

Eli on lead guitar

Jill on keyboard

Luke - vocals

What a crew! I am a fan!