Saturday, January 23, 2010

Luke's Surgery...& A funny

On Tuesday, Jan. 19th, Luke had to have a little surgery. He was such a trooper and never shed a single tear...well, at least while we were at Children's Outpatient Surgery Center. While waiting to go back, he rode up and down the halls on all the different cars and watched a little TV. We were so thankful that Grammy was able to go with us since Daddy had a meeting he could not miss. (Mom forgot to check with him when she scheduled the surgery.)We also owe Poppa a big thank you. He took Eli to school and then he took Jill to breakfast at McDonalds and then to school. It was a treat for them to get that time with Poppa! The recovery has had its highs and lows. The day after the surgery, Luke felt great - running around the house being his usual wild self. Day THREE however was a completely different story! Luke woke us at about 5 am screaming and crying that he was hurting. We did not miss a dose of pain medication that day and he laid in Mommy and Daddy's bed all day watching TV. Day four was better and so far today has been good. He is napping now with only a dose of Motrin. Hopefully tonight will be a better night than last night and tomorrow a better day than today. He is definetly on the mend and we are all ready for him to be completely back to normal!

Riding in the car while waiting to go back to surgery.

Mommy's Little Man

Thank you, Grammy!

The sign on my door.

Just waiting...

Now, for a FUNNY. Thursday was PJ day at Jill's school. She wore her new fleece gown with some leggings. It just so happened to get up to about 65 on Thursday so by the time Jill got home she was HOT. She immediatly changed into cooler clothing and we got her situated with a snack and a short show. I went downstairs to check email and within a couple of minutes I hear her rummaging through my cabinets upstairs. I quickly finish my email and head up to find a very funny sight. Jill was sitting in her pottery barn chair in front of the TV soaking her a boiler of water. Apparently her feet were hot and the only way she could think of to cool them off was to soak them in cold water and the only thing she could think to soak them in, was a boiler (pot). I wish that I had thought to make a picture of her before I gave her a better basin to soak in. The boiler she had selected was one of the smallest pots we have. She couldn't even put her feet completely in it. She is creative!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

National Champions - Roll, Tide, Roll!!!

We are so excited here in the Alexander house about Alabama's 13th National Championship! We watched the game from beginning to end, of course, and with about 40 seconds left in the game Jamie and Eli headed out to Academy to purchase our National Championship attire! The kiddos couldn't wait to put on their shirts this morning and Mom will no doubt have her's on soon too!

Don't know if you can tell but in the outside picture it is actually snowing - two days in a row with flurries here in Chelsea!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Super Star Student of the Month

Jill was selected as Super Star Student of the Month in her class. She was so excited and so were we! The Super Star Student has to make a poster about themselves to share with the class. Below you will find Jill's poster that she helped Mom make, complete with all her favorite things, Disney trip, Alabama football and cheerleading, grandparents, cousins, brothers, snow, swimming, the colors pink and purple, and lots of flowers!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

GNO - Fondu at The Melting Pot

Jill and I enjoyed a GNO at The Melting Pot with some of our sweet friends (Avery & Mrs. Lori)on New Year's eve's eve (Dec 30). We had such a good time and really enjoyed the fondu! Jill is a girl after Mom's own heart - she loves chocolate!

This is definitely one of the perks to having a little girl. I love that Jill is now old enough that she and I can do stuff like this together! Now if I can just teach her to love shopping as much as I do - she likes it now but if I have my way, she will LOVE it before long!