Thursday, May 3, 2012

Horse Shows

You all know how much my Jill LOVES to ride and how much she LOVES her Sport Model, more affectionately known as Sporty Lou. Well, this year Jill has started showing in the academy walk/trot division and is doing very well. She is becoming such a good little equestrian and has won may blue ribbons for her equitation. Sporty is doing great also and even won Champion and Champion Reserve at the Westminster horse show in Tuscaloosa. Jill was one proud pony owner! Hope you enjoy a few pics from previous shows.
A picture with just a few of her ribbons... we are missing a few here.
Rider #514, Jill Alexander riding Sport Model
Hanging out in the 80 degree heat in all that show garb - wool coat, long sleeve button up, gloves, velvet helmet, pants, and boots. Makes me hot just typing it :)
One very loved little girl and pony!
That smile makes every dollar more than worth it!!!

Where Has the Time Gone?

Today is a BIG day for my little Luke, although I guess I need to drop the little because today is a big boy day! Each year his preschool takes all the 4 year old classes to the elementary school for a preview for next year. Today was Luke's field trip to kindergarten and I don't think I am ready for this! I cannot believe he is about to turn 5 and enter big school! CPES - Are you ready for this???