Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

So, it has been awhile since I last posted. We stay so busy and honestly I just let myself get behind. This will be a quick post with a few pictures that should catch everyone up on our crazy busy life! On September 1 Luke started preschool and he was so excited. Everyday last year when we would drop Jill off he would ask if he could stay. Of course the answer everyday would be "no" and he didn't like that. So this year, on his first day he walked in telling everyone, "I get to stay today!"

Greeting Mrs. Angela with a "five"

One of Luke's teachers, Mrs. Tonya
Luke went right to work!

Mrs. Lisa - Luke's second teacher
Here he is ready to go!

We are ready for fall here and had a cool couple of nights here in Chelsea so we had the opportunity to make our cool weather favorite - SMORES!

I think it had been a little too long and Luke had forgotten how to eat a smore but he enjoyed them anyway! We had to bathe him off before he could come in and get his real bath! Gotta love that kid!!!

Jill unfortunately was sick and so she is bundled up like it was 30 degrees rather than 55. I took her temp when we got in and it was 102. I knew it had gone up when she asked to go to bed!
Eli and his smore - he can make a mean smore!
Now last but not least - Luke has been playing indoor soccer however it is instructional soccer and Luke realized that he wasn't really playing a game. So Birmingham United Soccer has U4 Sunday soccer and we signed Luke up to play. He was so excited to get to play a "real" game and boy did he play! Most of the kiddos know absolutely nothing about soccer however Luke has an advantage in that he has been watching big brother play practically since he was born. The other kids would full on tackle so Luke would then get the ball, dribble down the field and score. The other kids apparently didn't know the rule that you do not touch a soccer ball with your hands so Luke was kind enough to keep informing them! He is going to be a force to be reckoned with!