Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fast Forward...

I am really behind on updating and I am not sure how that happened - life just gets really busy sometimes. Just a quick update, Jill has started horseback riding lessons and LOVES it - we think she has found her "thing." She loves going to the farm and seeing "her horse" and is learning more and more at each lesson. She may actually get to participate in a show in the fall!

Eli has started spring soccer and loves being back on the field. I must admit, I love watching him out there too. He has a new love as well - his bike. He will actually have his first race on March 27 at Oak Mountain. It is a duathalon in which he will get to show off two of his talents, running and cycling! The neat things is that they also have an age division for Luke so he will get to race too! (Yes, Luke learned to ride his bike without training wheels. As a matter of fact, he never learned to ride with training wheels so that worked to his advantage. We love the balance bike!)

I wish I had a picture of Luke on his bike to share but I haven't even made a snap shot yet. Those will be forthcoming. I also have pictures from Jill's Daddy/Daughter banquet at church that I need to download and share. I am going to try to do better but I make no promises :)!