Friday, April 30, 2010

Just a Few Changes

As you can see, I decided to play around with the blog today...not sure why but thought it needed a "fresh" new look. Summer is quickly approaching and the Alexander family cannot wait. Oh Summertime, lazy days on the boat, playing outside until dark, playdates with friends, zoo trips, ice cream truck, snow-biz and the POOL! We are ready - bring the best you've got Summer!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Better Late Than Never...Jill's B'day

Yes, I know I am so late at posting this and I am sorry but sometimes it gets a little hectic around our house. I know that is surprising but it happens. Jill decided that for her birthday this year she wanted a spend the night party - Mom on the other hand decided that she was not ready for that just yet so we made it a half-sleepover. Jill invited 10 of her friends to come from 6 to 9 and enjoy pizza, cookie cake, nail painting and a movie. When everyone was good and tired, it was time for the Moms to come back and pick up their precious little ones! The perfect solution in my opinion! It also helped that my neices from Gadsden as well as one of our friends from Atlanta were able to come and really spend the entire night - with their Mommies of course!!! Also thank you to my sweet friend Kimberly for staying with us and helping with "crowd control!"

My FIVE year old - where has the time gone?

Blowing out the candles on her cookie cake - all she wants is the icing anyway!

The girls who spent the entire night and actually slept from around 11pm to 7am - not too bad!
On Jill's actual birthday (Sunday April 11) she and her Daddy went to the galleria shopping! Jill came home with more "loot" than any five year old needs and she loved shopping alone with her Dad! She knows she has him wrapped around her little finger - we are so in trouble when she is a teenager!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kindergarten Registration

I cannot believe that today I am registering my little Princess for kindergarten! My how the time flies! It seems like just yesterday we brought this little bundle of joy home from the hospital looking like this...
And now, here she is, all grown up and ready to face the world - better known as Chelsea Park Elementary School! Get ready CPES, here comes Princess Jilly!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Whew - what a whirlwind of a weekend we had! Our Easter festivities began on Friday morning with an egg hunt with our Moments 4 Moms group from our church. We had our egg hunt at the playground and could not have asked for a more beautiful day! God's sun was shining and his birds were singing and his little children were hunting for eggs and having a GREAT time!

Jill and her friend Coleigh playing - we don't get to see her enough these days!
A photo-op with Mom
Luke with all his "loot" - he is now a professional egg-hunter!
Jilly finding a little "loot" of her own.
At first Luke thought he should open each egg he found but he quickly figured out that if he continued in this manner there would be no more eggs to find so he changed his "strategy."
After our egg hunt on Friday, we went and checked Eli out from school to get ready for his soccer game in Tusacloosa. Jamie got off work early so that he and Eli could head to the game and I took Jill and "the littles" and headed to gymnastics. After gymnastics, we came back home, loaded up the car and set out for Grammy & Poppa's, with a stop on the way at Jill's favorite restaurant, Oskar's in Dadeville, for a little catfish! Eli's team won their soccer game - GO STING and Saturday they joined us in Tallassee. Saturday morning we had Elam's annual Easter egg hunt, complete with puppet show and telling of the Easter story. In the afternoon, the men got to enjoy a little golf while the rest of the gang did a little last minute Easter shopping and then played! A fun time was had by all until...the stomach bug hit! About 1am poor little Jilly got sick and so early Easter morning, she and Dad loaded up and headed back to Chelsea - just after opening Easter baskets. The stomach bug also hit at the Bryant house, poor Uncle Mike! So the photos below are missing three smiling faces but enjoy! (You will see Jill in the egg hunt photos!)
Mom and her boys - We miss you Dad & Jilly!

The grandkids (minus Eli - he hadn't made it into town yet.)
Before the egg hunt at Poppa's church

Ashley and her boys - We missed you Uncle Mike!
Poppa, Grammy & Six of their seven grandkids
Charlton, Donna, Anna Beth & Katie - a complete family (WOW)
Two of the three grand-girls
Happy Easter 2010!